Stream Bank Restoration

This type of restoration provides reliable and sustainable solutions for your project.

Stream Bank Restoration is a vegetated design to modify and forbid erosion of riparian areas, waterways, and shoreline banks. The restoration process uses various sized compost filter sock that includes growing additive including geogrid to provide structural protection, control erosion, and establish and reinforce vegetation all in one simple method.

Stream Bank Restoration was formulated to stand firm in high flow velocities and bold strains that established products cannot withstand. This system allows vegetation to grow from the inside out to create a natural support between the bank and the system.


  • No major excavation or land disruption
  • Easily modified to accept watersheds/drainage areas
  • Add targeted pollutant removal
  • Cut down on the ecological footprint: recycled, bio-based, locally manufactured, indigenous materials, carbon neutral


  • Creek, stream, and riparian bank stabilization
  • Pond and lake shoreline stabilization
  • Sediment and storm water retention/detention pond bank slope stabilization
  • Riparian, stream bank, tidal creek, and salt marsh restoration
  • Habitat/ecological restoration and aesthetic revitalization