Palletized Compost Filter Sock

Compost Filter Sock is a mesh tube filled with all natural wood compost to control erosion and sediment in affected areas. The compost filter sock provides a three-dimensional filter that sustains substances and other pollutants while permitting clean water to flow through.

Where is Compost Filter Sock Used:

  • Site Perimeters
  • Above and below exposed erodible slopes
  • Around area drains and inlets located in a sump
  • On compacted soils where trenching for silt fence is not possible
  • On frozen ground where trenching silt fence is not possible
  • On paved surfaces where trenching silt fence is not possible
  • As urban and roof top gardens


We assemble compost filter sock in super sacks or on pallets which allows easy installation of the product by yourself or by one of JNR’s Filter Sock Installation crews! The palletized compost filter sock is provided in various lengths and sizes and is available for immediate delivery or pick-up:


  • 8″ Continuous, 150-ft in length includes 16-hardwood stakes
  • 12″ Continuous, 100-ft in length includes 11-hardwood stakes
  • 18″ Continuous, 60-ft in length includes 7-hardwood stakes
  • 24″ (10 ft. sections), 3-hardwood stakes
  • 32″ (10 ft. sections), 3-hardwood stakes

Call for details and pricing.